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Download Einstein (2016) 720p HDRip Subtitle Indonesia –

Einstein / Ài yīn sītǎn / 爱因斯坦
Source: 爱因斯坦
Release Date: 2016 (China)
Genre: Adventure
Stars: Yú gǔ míng, féng shuò
Quality: HDRip
Encoder: ravenspider-imm
Synopsis: Einstein a “scientist” Einstein of the same name, let us call him a scientist it. Goal in life is to be like the great scientist like Einstein. But all day long to research and development that are not useful gizmo living. He attributed this unhappy life in his wife. One day, Liu learned of university students developed a world-famous time machine and became one of the greatest scientists. Intense jealousy and bad in this boring life that he played Pirates of the heart line, crossing back over the past trying to change reality. Cross back to the past Einstein experienced a series of ridiculous events that ultimately change their own destiny, but ultimately reversal let him despair.

TRILLER  Film Einstein (2016)

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Indonesia, English

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